Milestone Couples Photoshoot with Unforgettable Memories

October 14, 2020

Brianna and Evan decided to capture a big milestone in their life by having a candid couples photoshoot in front of their future home. This session was so precious, it deserved its own Instagram post! I love when couples celebrate the little things in life, it creates long-lasting memories that you’ll look back on forever. Buying a home isn’t a little thing, but the milestone you just achieved deserves to be acknowledged, documented and celebrated! Brianna and Evan’s couples photoshoot was the perfect reminder that you don’t need a big event in order to just have some fun and hire a photographer to capture the fun memories that come with.

couple in front of future home

Milestone Couples Photoshoot with Unforgettable Memories

When you hire a photographer to capture those special moments throughout your journey with your loved one, the memories become unforgettable. What better way to cherish a sweet milestone than to have a bunch of photos to relive the moment! Life goes way too quickly to just skip past these things. Slow down, look around you, notice how far you’ve come, how much you have achieved, and take it all in! Brianna and Evan will look at their gallery and remember building their dream home and celebrating with their first Friday night pizza dinner inside the framed walls of their home. How freaking cute is that!?

couples photoshoot inside future home

Ready to start planning your own intimate couples photoshoot and capture those special milestones?

Let’s do it! When it comes to booking a session, think about what you want to remember, how you want to feel when looking back at these photos 50 years from now! I’m an Indiana based photographer that will hop on a plane to travel anywhere your love story takes you. Learn more about me here, and inquire with me here! In the meantime, check out the blog to see more candid couples photoshoots like Brianna and Evan’s. I can’t wait to celebrate your big milestones with you and your loved one.

couple eating pizza in future home

Kim Kaye Photography | Indiana Wedding & Couples Photographer

Check out the rest of this heartwarming couples photoshoot with Brianna and Evan below!

romantic couples photoshoot inside future house
couples photoshoot inside home they are building
couples photoshoot inside home they are building
couple sitting on steps of future home
candid milestone couples photoshoot celebrating with pizza


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