Hop on a call or zoom with your photographer before you sign any contracts to make sure you click. Nothing feels more awkward when you don’t vibe with someone right?! We don’t need that kind of tension on your wedding day! This is so good to do because you’ll be able to talk to your photographer and even pick each other’s brains when talking about your wedding.

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Photographer

Their table settings were all given an extra touch by placing the guest’s wedding favors with a little white racing car on them. It was such an elegant way of adding a little extra something to their tables!

Union 12 Fall Wedding Day | Elizabeth + Cole

Seth and Gabrielle’s venue was southern-styled with lots of acreage, beautiful barn-style houses, and a pond. It’s the perfect location for anyone wanting to have an outdoor wedding on the countryside and that is exactly what they wanted too!

Northern Indiana Wedding Day | Seth + Gabrielle