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Destination Wedding Photographer

I'm here to tell you that your wedding doesn't have to be what everybody else expects it to be. I'm here to remind you that it's not about anyone else but the two of you and that it's absolutely okay to do whatever the hell you want because this is a day that represents who you two are as a couple. 
You want something other than the traditional flower girl and ring bearer? Do it. Instead of a sparkler exit you want a balloon arch entering your reception? Freaking do it. 
It doesn't have to be a cookie cutter destination wedding! It can be so much more than that and you two deserve for it to be. 

Kim Kaye Photography is a destination wedding photographer based out of Indiana with a focus in elopement photography. Specializing in couples who are down to ditch the non-traditional wedding day. The ones who aren't afraid to step outside of the box and trust my vision when it comes to creating magic that represents YOU as a couple. Running around in the rain, not being afraid of a windy day, jumping in the lake fully clothed or getting a little muddy. Just there together making the most of every moment you have is my kinda vibe.
I'm not here to just click a button and call it a day. I'm here to do so much more for you. I'm here to help make your planning process go a little easier for ya. I'm known to fluff and bustle dresses, fix hair pieces, straighten bow ties and boutonnières, grab you a fresh coffee before I arrive... the list goes on. 

Here to make the smallest moments mean the most..

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I'm 29 years old + have lived in Indiana my entire life.
It's no secret that I'm an adventurous girl at heart. Since I've started this biz as an elopement photographer I've captured small weddings and elopements in Tennessee, Colorado, Mexico, Ohio, Chicago and South Carolina and hope to continue this trend to check off more states and travel internationally!
I'm obsessed with dogs, champagne, comfy clothes and sarcasm. I promise to celebrate with you, and give your fur babe all my love if they're present on your wedding day.

a little more about me.. 

09. what is your biggest strength in being visible online?

Helping couples navigate their way through the wedding planning process and showing them the experience they will get working with me. 

a. Facebook 
b. TikTok
c. Instagram
d. YouTube

08. What is your favorite social platform?

a. New Zealand
b. Scotland
c. Australia
d. Barcelona

07. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Starting my morning with Yoga! Love waking up my body kindly.

06. what is your favorite morning routine?

a. Champagne
b. Vodka Tonic
c. High Noon
d. White Claw

05. Drink of choice

My doggos, Mazie & Mak.

04. What is one thing you can't live without?

a. American Eagle
b. Target
c. Banana Republic
d. Madewell

03. what is one store you are most likely to shop at for life?

White Chocolate Mocha. Hot.

02. How do you take your coffee?

a. New Girl
b. Schitt's Creek
c. Grey's Anatomy
d. Outer Banks

01. what is currently on Your Netflix watch list?

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