Intimate In-Home Session Downtown Fort Wayne

Quarantine = an intimate in home sessions with your better half in downtown Fort Wayne.
Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing two couples be completely themselves in front of my camera.
**See photos with wine and beer in hand**
I was able to shoot Max and Michelle’s wedding in August of 2019 and I can remember the entire day like it was yesterday. They know how to throw a badass party. The Groom literally chugged two beers at once, like a champ.
When I advertised my weekend of in home sessions in Fort Wayne, Michelle reached out within minutes wanting the opportunity. I was so excited to see them again after their wedding to catch up and make memories out of the time we had together.

I know that Max has a glass in his hand but ironically it happens to be a Corona. 😉 What better timing, AMIRIGHT?!

a couple sitting on a couch in their living room drinking her favorite wine and beer
a couple sitting in their home
couple cuddling on the bed telling secrets and holding hands
couple kissing
couple taking polaroid photos of each other
couple taking polaroid photos of each other