Summer Wedding at The Loft On Isanogel in Muncie, Indiana

Max & Michelle

What a dream.
These two really know how to love one another and throw such a fun reception to celebrate!
I’ve known Max and Michelle for roughly 6 years now through mutual friends. Always bumping into each other at the wild parties we use to attend a few years ago. (Always a hell of a time might I add) These two have been together since I’ve known them and you knew instantly that these two were a pair, especially when Max would flirt with Michelle from across the room. She would always shake her head with a smile. S’cute.
When they asked me to photograph their wedding I screamed with so much excitement. Knowing I would be the one to capture their best day ever was truly an honor and I knew that it would be so beautiful and the reception would be POPPIN’!
Yes, I did break it down to a few or more songs — which will more than likely happen at yours too if you hire me to be apart of your day 😉
From the moment she put her dress on to the moment Max saw her in it, I might have cried four or five times. I try not to show my soft side during the day because well with puddles forming in my eyes I can’t accurately do my job LOL
when Michelle hit the aisle.. INSTANT TEARS. She tried so so hard to keep them back. Now that I have been down the aisle and now happily married, I understand where she was coming from. In that moment, when you’re walking down the aisle to your very soon to be husband, you can’t hold anything together. It’s like your face loses all control and as a photographer, we see all of the ugly crying faces as we snap away.
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The Amazing Vendors:

Photographer: The one with the best dance moves Kim Kaye

Second Photographer: Mika

Event Planner: The Loft On Isanogel

Venue: The Loft On Isanogel

Florist: Dandelions