Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas and Inspiration

September 14, 2022

Ready for some photo outfit ideas? Because trust me, I know it can feel daunting to find the perfect looks for your session. While some clients prefer to go out and buy a new outfit that makes chem feel like Beyonce, I find that a lot of couples are comfortable in clothing they already own. Dig through your closet and see what catches your eye. What do you reach for the most?

The last thing I want is for you to feel like you have to dress or look a certain way that feels unnatural to you! If wearing heels and a dress is your jam, go for it. If you’re more of jeans and a tee kind of person, then wear exactly chat! Somewhere in the middle of the spectrum? Bring both options! I want you to wear whatever makes you feel amazing and confident!

Patterns and textures


Try to avoid crazy bold patterns with a lot going on. They can end up drawing too much attention away from you two! Patterns with small or simple prints and neutral colors typically photograph best.


If one of you decides to wear some sort of pattern, the other should opt for a solid. Too many competing patterns can make a photo look busy or overwhelming! Your outfits should add balance to the photographs, not create distractions.


Instead of adding a pattern, try playing with textures! Chunky knit sweaters, linen tops, vintage tees, and ripped jeans all have textures that stand out in a subtle way and photograph beautifully.


Whether it’s your hair blowing in the wind, a sweater falling off your shoulder, or a dress dancing around you, movement can bring vibrant energy to the session. Photographs may be moments frozen in time, but details like this help create a more powerful story. For the gals, flowy dresses are always a great option. For guys, wear clothing that you’re able to casually sit down in and move your arms around in without feeling constricted in any way. The more comfortable you are, the more you can focus on each other and make every minute count.


Accessories & props can really make your session feel more like you. If you enjoy date nights with picnics, you could bring a blanket and a bottle of wine to incorporate that into your session. If you go for nightly bike rides around your neighborhood, let’s grab some photos of you two doing just that! Love stargazing in the back of your truck? I’m in. Accessories like hats, funky jackets, scrunchies, jewelry, and bandanas can all add a personal + fun touch to your photos. Bring a variety of your favorites and we’ll play around with adding them in!


When it comes to selecting colors for your session that will photograph best, I typically recommend sticking to neutrals. But neutral doesn’t mean only black, white, and grey – there are neutrals of every color. Think rust instead of bright red, forest green instead of neon, and peach instead of hot pink. The goal is not to distract too much from your connection, and bright colors can sometimes do that. With that said, if you absolutely LOVE a certain bright color and you want to make a statement with your outfit, that’s totally fine and in some cases, rules are made to be broken. I want you to feel like yourselves!

I hope you enjoyed reading about these engagement photo outfit ideas! If you’re looking for more ideas then be sure to click here! Want to book me to capture your big day? Click here, I would love to chat with you!


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