An Elopement Photographer’s Top 3 Tips to Complete Your Elopement Look

August 22, 2022

Having trouble figuring out what to wear during your elopement? Then look no further, I’ve got you covered! As a Midwest-based elopement photographer, I have captured many elopements and destination weddings and I’ve seen a variety of styles. The planning of an elopement can seem stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Because of this, I’ve decided to remove the guesswork from choosing the perfect elopement look for you. I’ve curated three tips to complete your elopement look and help you figure out the perfect things to add to your outfit, so keep scrolling!

Kim Kaye Photography | Midwest-Based Elopement Photographer

Use Faux Flowers For Your Elopement Bouquet

There are many stunning faux bouquets that you can find online. The benefit of using faux flowers is they won’t wilt or die so you can cherish them forever! Furthermore, faux flower bouquets are also usually more affordable than real ones, which is a bonus. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect bouquet no matter what your style is. However, some people argue that faux flowers are not as beautiful as real flowers. They may say that real flowers have a more natural beauty that cannot be replicated by artificial flowers. However, I once shot an elopement in Tennessee and the bride had a wooden bouquet. I was SHOOK! I seriously thought it was real until I got up close to photograph it! You can do whatever you want for your elopement flowers, and get as creative as you want too!

Wear your Hiking Boots or Your Comfiest Shoes!

Who really sees or pays attention to your shoes on your wedding day other than your photographer?! I’ll tell you. Nobody! Especially if you’re having an adventurous elopement that involves hiking, climbing, and exploring, you’ll want to wear boots! I changed into my Crocs at my reception and everyone freakin’ loved it. 😏 Plus, it’s comfortable and practical. You don’t have to worry about your feet hurting or not moving freely. Imagine trying to climb up a mountain in a pair of dress shoes. Yeah, no thank you! Bring a pair of comfy shoes or boots, you’ll thank me later! 😉

Feel Free to Wear Colored Attire

If you are going to elope, feel free to personalize your look with colorful attire or accessories! You can wear a colored wedding dress, or even have your groom wear a colored tux. This is super fun and a unique way to add your personality to your elopement. You can go all out with a bright, bold color scheme for your wedding attire. Or you can keep it subtle and classic with a more muted or earthy-toned palette. No matter what you choose, make sure it reflects your personality and style! It’s so important to remember that this is your day, and you should be 100% happy with what you’re wearing!

Kind Words From a Previous Bride:

“If you are thinking about booking with Kim, JUST DO IT!!! You WILL NOT be disappointed!!! Kim was quick to respond when I messaged her about needing a photographer for engagement photos and for our wedding next summer! She got to know my fiancé and I and our engagement are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and it was a total blast! She had us cracking up the entire time and we truly felt ourselves around her. She had our engagement photo gallery back to us in a couple days (SO much quicker than I expected!!!). Kim has been an absolute joy to work with so far and I cannot wait to for her to work her magic at our wedding in July! I am SO glad we chose Kim and I would recommend her a million times again 💗” – Kayla Campbell

Ready For Your Own Elopement? Hire Me As Your Elopement Photographer!

I hope these three tips have helped you in plan the perfect elopement look! Remember, the most important tip out of them all is to stay true to yourself and your partner. If you do that, you can’t go wrong! So, if you’re ready to go on your greatest adventure yet and have a dreamy elopement, I would LOVE to come along with you to capture your special day! You can learn more about me here. If you feel like I’d be the perfect elopement photographer for you, then inquire with me here! I can’t wait to chat with you. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram to keep up with my latest adventures!


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