Why Engagement Photos Are a Must

Your engagement photos are SO important. I know I might seem a bit biased because I am a photographer… but I promise you they are one of the most important times to have photographed other than your wedding day! This is a moment in your life where you and your partner are about to become one.

So, today I am going to share with you all you need to know about your engagement photos and why they are a must! It all comes down to meeting your photographer, getting to know each other, and preparing for your wedding day.

If you’re ready to have some sweet memories captured, then be sure to keep on reading!


When you get your engagement photos done, you’ll be able to learn about how they photograph their couples. This will help you understand how they work and function as a photographer! 


When getting your engagement photos done, you will get really good at posing! You will be able to understand their prompts when it comes down to getting portraits done on your wedding day. You will be an absolute natural when it comes to your big day!


Knowing how you work together at your engagement will ease your nerves more on your big day… at least when it comes to your photographer! Having an engagement session beforehand helps you to be more comfortable with your photographer when the big day comes instead of feeling awkward or uncomfortable in front of someone you’ve never met before

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“Kim is very talented at what she does! Not only does she capture amazing moments, but she also captures that unique feeling of “we have never met, but I feel as if we have been friends for years”. She is very personable and down to earth. Kim was literally down to earth with my beautiful girlfriend and I, she was laying on the ground in the rain with no hesitation to capture the most amazing moments/images that she could! Kim you are an amazing artist and even more of an amazing person!! Thank you!”

– Tre Clemons