What To Wear To An Engagement Session

February 21, 2022

What to wear to an engagement session by Kim Kaye Photography

The most difficult question is what to wear to an engagement session. We all have such a hard time when it comes to picking out the perfect outfit for an event. It ends up being a super stressful process and we end up spending so much money and time on finding an outfit that more than likely won’t even be worn. But what if I told you it could be easy with just a few steps? You can master these few steps to know exactly what to wear to any session. That would be amazing wouldn’t it?!

Alright, then you must let me help so you don’t regret your outfit choices! Scroll down below for all the deets!


First things first, create that palette! *cue the hands clapping* This will be your main guide for outfit planning. All you have to do is choose your main color and 2-3 base colors. Your base colors will be neutrals, whites, blacks, greys, etc. Your main color will be that pop of color ( Your pop of color can be in your jewelry, pants, jackets, etc.) Let’s say your main color is blue, you would pick out a few of your favorite shades of blue and match them to your base colors. This will make your outfit more cohesive and easier to pick out. Less is more! Remember that.


Has anyone ever told you that it’s better to overdress rather than to underdress? If so, it is the truth. Make sure you are showered, smelling good, hair is done, and clothing is ironed. Those little details make a big difference in your appearance for the photos. This would also be a great time to test out the hair and makeup artist you planning to use for your wedding. You can schedule a trial run to make sure you like their work and know what to expect.


If you are freezing or overheating, it will 100% show in the photos. Dress according to the weather. You can wear cute short boots, a big coat and maybe even a turtle neck if it’s cold out. If it’s warm I suggest light and airy dress! Always bring an extra jacket and umbrella just in case the weather goes sideways. It’s better to be over-prepared rather than under-prepared.


Movement is key in your outfit. By this, I mean wearing something loose that shows movement in photos. Outfits with movement can consist of long maxi dresses, short frilly dresses, jackets, etc! The more movement in your outfits, the more candid your photographs will look.


If you are not comfortable in your outfit then you will not be comfortable while taking your photos. You want to be able to run around with your boo and have fun rather than be uncomfortable and worry about your outfit. Dress in what makes you feel good and what you know you love on yourself rather than what’s expected!

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