What is a Wedding Content Creator?

June 24, 2024

and Why You Need One

Weddings have evolved a lot in the past couple of years. From the rise of destination weddings, elopements, and everything in between, a lot has happened in the wedding world since 2020!  One of the newest trends to appear also happens to be one of my favorite – wedding content creation. There is so much to love about this wedding idea which is what I’m going to share with you today. So, if you’re a couple who is planning a wedding, then keep scrolling, because this post is for you. I’ll be covering everything you need to know about wedding content creation and a few reasons you might want to consider it for your wedding.

What is a Wedding Content Creator?

The quick version? A wedding content creator is someone who takes photos and videos using an iPhone on your wedding day. And yes, while anyone can document these moments, there are a few things that make a wedding content creator stand out. 

  • They ensure a quick turnaround time without sacrificing quality
  • They have experience in the wedding industry, allowing them to seamlessly navigate your wedding day. This means they’ll never get in the way of your professional photography team and will be able to communicate and work efficiently with the rest of your wedding vendor team.
  • They’ll also be able to easily interact with your guests on a more personal level, allowing for more raw and candid moments. 

3 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Wedding Content Creator

Receive your wedding content and BTS photos fast

Babes, I get it! You just celebrated one of the best days of your life and now you need to wait weeks (if not months) to see your full gallery?!? While it does take time for your photographer to carefully edit your beautiful gallery, there is a way to get your wedding photos faster (well, at least some of them). With wedding content creation, you can receive behind-the-scenes photos from your wedding day within 24 hours of saying “I Do’! Not only is this something that you can enjoy, but you can even share these wedding photos with loved ones who might not have been present on your special day. 

You want to be fully present and enjoy all your wedding day moments 

Who doesn’t love posting glam shots and sharing the best parts of our lives online? Social media is fun and plays an important role in our social world today, but the not-so-glamorous side is that it can feel like we are glued to our phones. It’s easy to start living through the screen instead of in the present moment. Your wedding day deserves your full attention and that’s exactly what a wedding content creator can help you achieve. Instead of worrying about documenting every single moment, you can relax, knowing that someone else is capturing all your wedding day highlights for you to share and enjoy later on.

Receive a variety of content to tell the full story of your wedding day

As a wedding photographer, I can’t stress the importance of good wedding photography enough! Nothing tells the story of your wedding day better than beautiful photos you can enjoy for years to come. However, there is something to be said for raw, candid photos and videos – images that feel like they came from the point of view of your guests. A wedding content creator gives you another perspective on your wedding day. As a professional, they know the ins and outs of a wedding day as well as how to work with vendors for a seamless experience. With this experience also comes the ability to discreetly capture candid footage of your wedding guests. This means they’ll be able to blend in with your guests and photograph many of the day’s unseen moments that would not have been otherwise documented.

While wedding content creation may be a rising trend, I think it’s here to stay! Your wedding day deserves to be documented to the fullest. By hiring a wedding content creator, you can get immediate access to your day’s best moments, multiple perspectives and candid moments, all while staying completely present and in the moment. 

Ready to book your wedding content creator?

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