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November 9, 2022

There are so many different aspects that go into planning the perfect wedding day! To help you with the planning process, im here with some different tips and tricks you can use on your wedding day or when planning to make your life way easier! As a wedding photographer, I’ve been to so many weddings and have pretty much seen it all which is why I wanted to share some of my favorite tips and tricks that you can use on your wedding.

So, if you’ve been struggling in the planning process, then you have come to the right place! Scroll down below for more!


News flash! You don’t need wedding favors. Wedding favors can get pretty expensive and weddings alone are already expensive enough. Instead, consider doing something that will benefit your guests like a late-night snack! This can be great for your guests to take home when they’re super hungry after all the fun like a snack like popcorn or candy! Or, you can even consider renting a shuttle for your guests to get to their hotels safely! These are some ideas that your guests can actually benefit from and you’ll save money too!


The florals always fall over, get smooshed, or wilt TOO quickly during almost every wedding day. Instead of boutonnieres, ask your florist if they can make a floral pocket square instead! These are elegant and modern and even give your partner that extra unique touch. Click here to check out this Etsy link for ideas!


If you can fit it into your budget, hire a day of coordinator! They’ll be the ones answering all of your questions, making sure EVERYONE is in line and present. Day of coordinators are actual life savors and will help you out with just about anything you may need.


Consider reserving time for you and your boo thang to have some alone time after your ceremony. You’ll be able to breathe from all eyes on you and chaos from the day. Give yourselves 10 minutes to just take it all in after stating your vows and letting your love absorb each other! Your wedding day will go by in a blink of an eye, you won’t regret stepping away!


Have you ever heard of a couple getting ready TOGETHER? Being in this industry has opened my eyes to so many opportunities and if I could go back, I would 100000% get ready with my husband. I spent half of my day HIDING from him when I could have enjoyed the entire day with him by my side! (Traditions are NO MORE.) The intimacy this brings to your photos of your significant other helping you into your wedding attire is something I get goosebumps over!

I hope you enjoyed reading about these 5 wedding tips and tricks! To see more click here! Want to book me to capture your big day? Click here, I would love to chat with you!


“Kim was AND is amazing! She truly goes above and beyond for her clients! She was very flexible working with us, specifically battling unpredictable fall weather and helping us reschedule another available date due to the weather! The best part is that the entire experience was fun and super comfortable! Our pictures came out great and we were very very pleased with her work!”

– Ashley Farraro


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Planning your day is a lot, let's be honest. Your wedding timeline is the key to having things flow freely throughout your day.
*hiring a planner is a huuuge benefit too* 
To help, I've created a timeline guide for you to use as a reference to get an idea on what you day will look like.