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the investment

When you hire me, you're not only hiring a highly trained professional (education is everything), but you're hiring a creative who cares and will go the extra mile for you. My entire mission and goal when working with my couples, is to not just show up to your wedding day with my camera and "click a button".
There are hours of planning that go into your timeline, emails, helping you pick locations and outfits for your engagement photos, guiding you through every single pose and prompt, carrying your train, fixing your necklace if it's not center, straightening your tie, continuously checking in to make sure all bases are covered and truly taking any and all stress off your plate on your wedding day, and the days leading up! Know that I'm an open book and I'm so excited to build our friendship over texts, emails and social media.

Grab that bottle of CHAMPAGNE cuz it's time to celebrate

You deserve a piece of mind and I vow to give you that when it comes to your wedding day.

you might be my client if:

You care more about how your wedding day feels than looks.

You have a bucket list of places in the world you wanna explore. 

Hair gets messed up by the wind? You laugh it off.

Your favorite thing to do is run your toes through the sand.

You’d consider yourself a free-spirit type of person.

You see a stranger’s puppy & it takes everything in you not to run up & cuddle it.

Your dress gets dirt on it, and you know it's for the memories.

You think ice cream is always an acceptable dinner option. Always.

You LIVE for the feeling of sunshine on your skin & wind in your hair.

You’re already screaming YASSSS WHERE DO I BOOK YOU?

the investment

You’re not just getting a photographer who tells you to stand there and smile, you’re gaining a new friend who is going to capture you BEAUTIFULLY in a moment that you will want to remember forever. You’re not just posed into an awkward or uncomfortable position in front of my camera. Instead, you’re confidently directed in a way that YOUR reactions and personality shine through! We're going to run around, goof off and have freakin' fun while we're together. 

you deserve to feel confident on your wedding day -
no more feeling awkward in front of a camera!

Kim is the absolute best and I will recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer. We had a destination wedding in Charleston, SC and Kim was so amazing at planning everything and checking in during the planning process many times. She scheduled the day way beforehand which helped the day go so smoothly. She truly thought of everything!! Kim followed us around in South Carolina and had the best ideas. All my husband and I had to do was be in love and Kim took care of the rest. I love looking back at our wedding and engagement photos because they are a perfect snapshot of the love we share and our amazing day. We had a huge sneak peak and loved every single picture. I loved working with Kim and would choose her over and over again!!

"we couldn't be more thrilled
with everything"

I'm based in the Midwest in Indiana! And HELL FREAKING YES! I actually specialize in destination weddings! I’m an adventurous girl at heart, am TSA Pre-checked, and can navigate airports like a pro. If you’re inquiring for an International wedding and are wondering if I’m up for traveling to you, the answer will always be YES. 

Where are you located, do you do destination weddings/elopements?

I don't put a number on my full galleries.
Every story is documented so differently! I average 400-600 photos per 10 hour wedding day. 

How Many Images Are Included?

No I won’t. My editing is a HUGE part of my art. It’s half of the end result I promise I’ll deliver all the photos you’ll want, and if for some reason you think I missed something just ask! For me it’s all about building trust between us. If you trust me to make magic for you, don’t ask for RAWS.

Do You Give Out Unedited(RAW) Photos?

For couples sessions, I have two payments within your contract. These payments are divided equally and the first payment is a retainer that is non-refundable to reserve your session date.
Same as your Wedding or Elopement but instead of two payments I split it into three payments for you!

How Does Payment Work?

Hit the BOOK NOW on my webpage and fill out my inquiry form to give me some details about your what you expect your day to be like and I'll do the rest!

How Do I Book You?

For this to even be an issue, I would have to be either in the hospital or having a family emergency/death. I value my couples and their big day so much, and heaven forbid if something out of my control came up that prevented me from being at your wedding, I will personally find you a replacement day of photographer whom I completely trust and whose work you love. 

What Happens If You Can’t Be At Our Wedding?

If you’ve already booked your date with me, and for some reason have to cancel or reschedule your wedding/shoot, the retainer fee is non-refundable. In order to book your new date, a new retainer will need to be paid. Please understand I’m not trying to steal your money. I do this because once your date is in my calendar, I’m counting on that money to help pay my bills that month. I’ve also most likely rejected other sessions for that same date

What If We Cancel/Resched Our Date?

July 4th, 2018 was my first time ever photographing people!
I've always taken photos prior to that, but it was always of my cute dogs or leaves in my backyard. lol

How Long Have You Been A Photographer?

Nope. My entire heart with my photography is to capture my couples as authentic and real as possible. I'm not about making people look unrealistic, fake, and barbie doll-like. If that's what you're wanting I'm not the gal for you. I want to capture the REAL stuff, the nitty gritty, the messy, the imperfect. Because THOSE are the moments I think you're going to want to remember in 20 years. That said, if there's a scratch or blemish (something that is temporary and would go away in 2 weeks) I am happy to brush it out of your photos.

Will You Photoshop Us?

 I say that because typically crazy weather makes for absolutely beautiful photos. Since I love capturing feeling and emotion over everything, wind and rain has a way of enhancing that emotion in a way that’s breathtaking to photograph! It just gives SO much more to the photos! Plus, isn’t it the best thing in the world to dance and make out in the rain!? I thought so. ;) However, if it's dangerous weather, we absolutely will reschedule! Let's not be like the movie TWISTER and chase tornados. lol

What Happens If The Weather Is Bad?

I gotchuuuu. Once you book with me I have an outfit guide I send out to all my couples that walks you through literally ANY outfit question you may have! I have an engagement guide filled with ideas for you, I'll even send over a Pinterest Board I've made for my clients and my Amazon List!

What Do We Wear To Our Photoshoot?

No I do not. It isn't fair to all my other fully paying clients to hand out discounts.

Do You Offer Discounts?

This can vary, but I always communicate with my couples and let them know if there is a delay in the midst of busy season!
My turnaround for normal sessions is 4-6 weeks. Weddings and Elopements are 8-10 weeks during busy season! 

What Is Your Turnaround?

All travel expenses (airfare/car rental/hotel) are INCLUDED in my destination and elopement pricing!
I do this to make it super easy for you. I’ve been a bride before, so I know how crazy ridiculous planning can get. Travel is all encompassing in these collections, that way you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or planning and booking all my travel expenses. No matter where in the world your destination wedding/elopement takes place, once you book with me, you can leave it all to me to show up ready to rock and roll on your big day! 

How do travel expense work for destination weddings & elopements?

Absofreakinlutely! I start with sending you a wedding or elopement guide (depending on which route you take). I location scout, google map every spot we can go to, create your timeline, send you vendor recommendations and so much more! I'm here for you every step of the way!

Do You Help In The Planning Process?

Sometimes! Over the years I've honed in on the type of photography I'm truly best at and what fires me up the most - couples. I open my books a few times a year to book these types of sessions. I love photographing love, and by narrowing in on just photographing couples I'm able to serve them best without spreading myself too thin in different avenues of photography.

Do You Photograph Families, Seniors, Etc.?