Wow – Talk about true supporters of everything I dream of!

Kylie reached out to me to inquire and of course I did my FBI research on these two love birds like I do every couple 😉 (it’s only fair because I know you all do it to me too)

She said she wanted to get together for their engagement session and she stated, “ I don’t care about the weather, if it decides to rain, lets just make the most of it!” … and that’s exactly what we did and IT. WAS. AWESOME.

I asked who they were and what they loved doing together, and I learned that they were very outdoorsy and brewery kinda people so why the heck not meet up at a local brewery in downtown Fort Wayne?!

Hop River was the best place to walk into and see Kylie’s glowing face as she was trying to beat her honey in Boggle! After they finished their game and drinks, we headed over to Headwaters park to get more relaxed and more personable photos of the two of them. I’ll just let the photos tell you how well it went…

spoiler alert