Jacey & Fox
You read that right, Fox is his real name ya’ll! How cool is that!?I literally stopped in my track and was like “wut…? like the fox that runs around in a field fox?”“Yep!”Still freaking out about it LOL Let me just say thank you to these two for being so brave with me. We started at Sylvan Cellars and walked across the street to a huge brick building. Which we later found out was vacant and S U P E R creeeeeepy. Old photos in the window sills, a hose hanging outside of the highest window, old curtains hanging from the window panes, just all around haunted house type stuff and I was not thrilled BUT I HAD TO GET THE SHOTS PEOPLE!
I look back at these photos now and think “Damn was it so freakin worth it”.
Jacey and Fox have been together for a little over a year and are the kind of people who you just look at and melt because of the vibes they feed off of one another.
During our session together I told them that my creative side was spiking my interest so when I saw an opportunity that would kinda maybe look cool and work out I just tried it and hoped for the best and honestly I’m glad i took the chance on it because the mirror image i have down below is probably my fav to date.