How To Store Your Wedding Photos

June 13, 2022

Let’s talk a little bit about how to store your wedding photos. You’ve spent plenty of money on having these photos taken so it’s only right that you find an appropriate place to store them You’ll be able to look back on these photos one day and be so happy that you kept them safe and like new.

So, if you are ready to read about the different ways you can store your wedding photos, just scroll down below for more!


First, one of the most common ways to store your wedding photos would be on a photo album. Photo albums are not only unique but they’re a beautiful way to store your wedding photos to look back on one day. You can get wedding photo albums made on sites like Zola or Etsy! Each page is personalized to your liking with each print in high resolution.


One of the safest ways to store your wedding photos would be on a hard drive. It is easy and cheap to do especially if you already have an empty hard drive at home. All you do is insert it into a computer and upload the photos there. You then can plug in that hard drive to any computer at any point in time and get access to them.


One of my favorite ways to store wedding photos is to store them in photo boxes or shadow boxes. You can get the photos printed through online galleries, websites, or even your local store like Walmart. Then you will be able to have these photos on hand rather than looking at them on a screen.


The next best thing you can do to store your wedding photos is to upload them online. You can use sites like Dropbox, iCloud (if you have an iPhone), or Google Drive. These are the most reliable sites to store your wedding photos so they don’t get lost. I always say, when you upload something to the cloud it will stay in there forever!


This is not as common as it used to be but is still a very cool and fun way to store your wedding photos. You can keep the CD forever and know that you have that sweet keepsake. Besides, one day when you have kids or grandkids or even close family members over, you can put the cd in on your tv and look back at the photos for fun!

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